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I help women to get unstuck from Fear, Self-doubt & self-sabotaging behavioral patterns to living a life of Purpose & Significance through my proprietary The Courage Coaching Blueprint and the support of my women’s community.


Choose just the coaching you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Discovering You through The Enneagram Coaching

Understanding your personality through the Enneagram. This program will help you understand yourself and others with astonishing clarity. You will begin to understand your external behaviors, underlying attitudes, motivations and base emotions, fears and defense mechanisms, or simply why you do what you do. You will be able to embrace yourself and discover the roadmap for growth to a higher level of self-awareness and self-mastery. You will be able to better connect with yourself and others, improving the different relationships in your life.

SMART Goals & Action Plans Coaching

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Without a compelling dream that inspires you with purpose and passion, your goals will fall flat. Trying to achieve a goal, where there are no habits supporting you, is a setup for failure. And, having habits without any goals or any dreams to inspire or pull you forward, may get lost along the road to good intentions. Lilian's coaching will help you to dream BIG, set strategic goals and action plans as well as cultivate intentional habits with proven step by step evidence-based methods and strategies so that you are able to see faster results and making your dreams into reality!

Clarity Breakthrough Coaching

Through this step by step clarity breakthrough coaching, you will make observations and identify the areas and repeating behavioural patterns that you have been self-sabotaging your goals. You will identify your strengths and blindspots, uncover your limiting beliefs, embrace your worth and embody your identiy. You will gain clarity as you dig deep into your purpose in life. Lilian's coaching has helped many gained clarity, got out of depression, rekindled their dreams and purpose, business breakthroughs, salvage relationships, got back their life, overcame their fears, rediscovered their worth, and finally living a life of purpose & significance!

Relationship with Time Coaching

Are you a good steward of your time? How you spend your time tells you what you value most. Have you felt that you don't have enough time or have wasted your time and not achieving your goals?
You feel frustrated listing all that To-DO-List but not taking actions and end up procastinating and feeling angry with yourself?

Lilian's coaching will help you to reclaim the control and take charged of your time,. You will learn "To Find Time within Time" and get organized with an intentional living mindset so that you are able to enjoy the life that you design and a fulfilling purpose-driven life with no regrets!

SHAPE Up with Authenticity Coaching

“Wish my body looks better” Do you find yourself saying that when you see your own reflection in the mirror? In a world where superficiality is valued and perfect is “encouraged”, many women view their bodies as a burden or as an enemy. Some see their bodies as something that needs to be fixed or protected. Authenticity isn’t rocket science. When we try to fit into a societal mold we lose ourselves as a result. How is your relationship with your body? How can you bring balance back to your body and enjoy a sustainable change? What are the narratives about your feminine body? Lilian's coaching will help you to get reconnected with your body, mind and spirit so that you will enjoy a sustainable & wholistic transformation!

Identity & Confidence Coaching

"Who am I?" A simple yet complex question for everyone. Society says, first impression counts. All it needs it’s just three seconds for someone to either be drawn to you or move on. So what are your perceptions and projections of your self? Are you confused and filled with anxiety whenever you need to standout or even to fit in? Are you tired & frustrated of keeping up with appearances to please others? Are you suppressing your voice because you are often being pushed aside or not being heard? And it eats into your self-worth and confidence. Lilian's coaching will help you show up with courage and confidence so that you can be free to be the authentic and unique YOU, adding value to this world with the fullest potential anf gifts which only you could give!



I’m Lilian Ong

Courage Coach I Author I Founder of Class Living & Women of Courage Asia.

I used to battle with self-doubt, fear, depression, body image issues and was suicidal.

My passion is to inspire & empower women to live a life of Purpose and C.L.A.S.S - Courage, Love, Authenticity, Stewardship and Significance.

Over the past 10 years, I have inspired and empowered thousands of lives from all over the world to awaken their courage and step out of their comfort zones, tear down limiting beliefs and invest in their personal growth, discovering themselves, and build their mental & emotional resilience …… you are absolutely in the right place! 


Throughout my adulthood, I have been seeking my life purpose. Within two hours of coaching with Lilian, I realized that this purpose to become a channel of love for others has been silently residing in me. It's going to give me the drive I need to grow my business and personal life. Thank you Lilian for patiently guiding me to discover what is worth living for in my life!

~ Suzanne Loh, Video Content Creator

As a Coach, Lilian is passionate about connecting the client's goal with their purpose of life. Her presence generates the courage to take action, move forward and embrace change. As a community builder, she is caring and committed to creating space for growth. She is a woman of courage, a beautiful inspiration to many!

~ Sari Marsden, Leadership & Performance Coach, Nike Trainer, Co-Author of FIT TO LEAD


Lilian was everything I looked forward in a clarity call. She first of all recognized that among so many people, God made our paths cross for a reason and that was our first connection! We went over questions that I had failed to answer myself for awhile and these unanswered questions kept me stuck for a while but Lilian helped me break it down. Can I say was easy on me, NO, but with her help, I was able to clarify my purpose and now I'm working towards the person that God created me to be!! Thank you so much Lilian, that clarity call was so worth every minute!

~ Christine Naluzze, Entrepreneur

The person who literally saved my life. She didn't know what was happening to me. She went about being who she is - nurturing, inspiring, encouraging & sharing (with excitement) Women of Courage Asia. Depression has no face & I was a very high functioning depressed person. At our last meeting, I already had plans. However, she wrote me a note that pulled me back. It was as simple note yet it woke me up. It got me thinking and looking at my situation and surrounding in a very different way. Words are not enough to thank her for being who she is. For doing what she does - day in, day out (sometimes without any "thanks" in return) Furthermore doing a Clarity session with her propelled me to rest my course and move forward to achieve what I have today. Lilian, thank you for being a life-savior (literally) and an awesome mentor.

~ Julian Chong, Content Marketing Coach



I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your identity, dreams, goals, struggles and needs. Here , we'll work on your self-awareness, discovering you through a process of asking powerful questions to put a halt to evasion and confusion during our conversation and with the optional use of The Enneagram Personality Profiling Tool.  


Together, we’ll check in to your mindsets, your thinking, feeling and choosing. We'll look into your values systems and beliefs, identify your strengths and blind spots, your struggles & obstacles and define key opportunities using a step by step framework.  


We'll set SMART goals and strategically plan forward with intentional action plans. You'll make commitment statements and accountability arrangement to ensure you stay consistent and focused to achieving your goals.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

I remember the first time I stood in front of a crowd to share my story in public. For many years I struggled with fear, self-doubt and depression. I had extreme fear of public speaking! I would go into an anxiety attack almost every time I am called out to share something in a group setting. My mind would plunged into a battlefield, negative thoughts would be flying all over my mind like fiery darts and missiles!

My heart would start pumping so hard it felt like it would explode any second! I would be gasping for air and my knees would turned jelly while I would be trying so hard to stop my hands from shaking. And I felt like I had a frog on my throat. It would be so dry I could hardly utter a single word. My ears would start to get blocked and the whole surrounding would sound muffled to me. All I could hear was my heart pumping so rapidly like a time bomb ready to go off! It was an awful feeling. I felt dizzy & nausea. It was embarrassing. I wish I could find a hole and hide myself in it.

Body Authenticity

In addition to that, I used to struggle with body image issue. It had affected my self confidence. I would go into crashed diet, skipping meals and spent thousands of dollars in slimming programs but would always end up in a vicious cycle of rebound. I felt I was trapped like a yo-yo and ended up suffering from a very bad gastric problem. 

 To make things worse, I suffered from a disc bulge at my lower back and even had trouble dressing myself! That was a wake-up call for me and it took months of physiotherapy and medication before I was able to exercise again. I decided to put my health back in order. I learned that the body can achieve what the mind think! 

 At the age of 44, for the first time in my life, I ran two half-marathon which I never imagine I could!

 I learned to cultivate a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. In 90 days, I lose 10 kg and 16cm off my waistline. I didn't have anymore rebound and I am able to maintain a healthy weight and keep in shape. 

Show up with Confidence ...

Putting my health back in order was the first milestone for me. The breakthrough boosted my confidence. That led me to take courage and overcome my fear of stage fright and show up with confidence.

I was encouraged to step out and serve the community as an ambassador model for Singapore Fashion Runway, Fashion For A Social Cause in spite of my stage fright. But I chose to embrace Courage instead of Fear.

If there's one thing I've learned in this journey, is that courage is a choice to take action in the face of fear. It is doing it afraid. 

Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear.

I spend seven years as a stay-at-home mom by choice. During the first few years, I became very confused, loss of my identity, resentful towards my husband, angry with myself and eventually spiraled into depression and was suicidal. I was putting a strong front and trying so hard to hold everything together. It came to the point when I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I began to lose control and finally had an emotional meltdown. However, the meltdown moment turned into the beginning of my journey of awakening courage and breakthroughs!

I began to step out of my comfort zone with courage and walked out of depression without any clinical intervention. I took the leap of faith and venture into the unknown and become an entrepreneur. I started to rebuild my confidence as a Real Estate Consultant and built a furnishing business from scratch & exited successfully after 9 years.

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