Break self-limiting mindsets even if you’ve been stuck in these patterns for Years!

Awakening Courage


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Self-awareness and self-mastery is one of the more pressing needs in these challenging times we are facing. When stress and crisis suddenly erupt around you, what is your first response? Fight, Flight or Freeze?

A lack of self-awareness & mastery can lead to self-sabotaging of your personal or professional goals.

If you understand yourself better & grow with an empowering mindset,

you will gain clarity & confidence,

you can be a better leader & communicator and build meaningful relationships at home & work.

What if there're steps you could take to overcome those fears and breakthrough with Clarity & Confidence?

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Find out the 3 Essential Steps to breakthrough with Clarity & Confidence

without being Paralyzed by Fears!

This is for WOMEN who…

  • are sick & tired of being paralysed by fears and self-doubt
  • are setting goals but struggle to meet them
  • want to rebuild her life to get ready for the next season & breakthrough
  • are at the crossroad of life pivoting & searching for clarity & direction
  • want to work on her self leadership

What you can expect

  • Heighten your Self Awareness
  • Equipped with practical Tips & Tools to jumpstart your journey of change
  • Community Support

Awaken your Courage to SHOW UP in your AUTHENTIC SELF

Be Inspired & empowered to take Intentional Actions!

Gain COURAGE, CLARITY & CONFIDENCE to face your challenges.

Overcome your fears that paralyse you from living your dreams & meeting your goals.


As a result of overcoming many challenges in her life, including depression & suicidal thoughts, Lilian has found her calling, to inspire & empower women to breakthrough and get unstuck from their Fears, Self-doubt & Limiting Beliefs so that they can live a courageous purpose-driven life, lead their business to a 100 fold increase, achieve financial freedom and make a positive impact in their sphere of influence!

Lilian went from a stay-at-home mom who was confused & loss of Identity to an entrepreneur who rebuilt her confidence through building a furnishing business from ground zero without any prior knowledge, training nor experience in the industry, from a one woman operation to growing a power team with a six figure annual revenue, close to a million consistently and exited successfully after 9 years.

Lilian is an Author, Transformational Speaker & Mentor who has touched & impacted thousands of lives through her Courage Coaching, Community Building and Sharing her Stories of Courage locally & overseas. 

She also volunteers in humanitarian & social work projects around the region, including female Juvenile Institutions and the Women’s Prison locally.